The Cast of Parks and Recreation Sings ‘Bye Bye Li’l Sebastian’ on Late Night w/Seth Meyers #FarewellParks

Last night we said goodbye to one of the most witty and heart warming show on tv (and personally my favorite show since Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Parks and Recreation will be greatly missed, but it couldn’t have ended more perfect. At the end of season 6 we saw a glimpse of the future for our favorite Parks and Rec team, and then season 7 remained perfect in the year 2017. Last night we saw the futures of these beloved characters – even Jean Ralphio – and it was heart breakingly beautiful. If you haven’t seen the finale yet, get the tissues ready, and if you haven’t seen any of Parks and Recreation then I strongly urge you to hop on Netflix and binge watch your little heart out. You’ll thank me.

But it didn’t end with the finale last night because the cast was on Late Night with Seth Meyers (which makes me so happy because of the delightful friendship between Seth and Amy :) *insert weekend update memories*) and to make the show even more perfect, they all sang ‘Bye Bye Li’l Sebastian’ together one last time and I’m tearing up as I’m typing this. Just watch, it’s perfection:

And here’s a little more from the Late Night show with the people who I will also help Seth Meyers defend is the best cast on television.

Now that the show is officially over if you find you’re having a hard time dealing with the end just know, you’re not alone. I’m here for you and we can cry for hours together over waffles and bacon. Because there has never been a sadness not cured by breakfast food <3

WATCH: Trailer for Disney’s Frozen Fever


Frozen Fever is what we all have and Disney is delivering. With the promise of a new original song to debut in this Frozen short we’ll never have to let it go. Check out this trailer for the short, and catch Frozen Fever in theaters debuting with Cinderella on March 13! Come for Frozen, stay for a happily ever after.

It’ll be interesting to see how many families flock to the theater just to see this Disney short. Are you excited for Frozen Fever?


Farewell Parks and Rec

With the series finale of Parks and Recreation tonight we must all be strong. As Ron Swanson would say “Crying is only acceptable at funerals and the grand canyon”…. Well Ron, I’m just a bit too emotional and I can’t keep the flood of tears in. So we’ll add the end to one of my favorite shows in the history of television to the list of acceptable times to cry. (In reality everything makes me cry, but we won’t tell that to Ron. Then he might not share his wisdom with me.) So to remind us that we can maybe keep our emotions in check, this is one of my favorite videos to come out of the NBC Parks and Recreation YouTube channel.

The Many Emotions of Ron Swanson

For more laughs and tears visit the YouTube page for Parks and Recreation, and tune into the finale tonight 10/9c on NBC. Don’t forget your stack of waffles for comfort food, you’re going to need them. *Fingers crossed that Ann and Chris are back for one last time*

‘The Duff’ author Kody Keplinger Interview and Book Giveaway!

We recently had a chance to chat with the author of “The DuffKody Keplinger. Kody was only 17 when she wrote “The Duff” and last night she attended the world premiere of the movie adaption which comes out 2/20/15! What a surreal experience for an author! kodykep

Check out our interview below and enter our Rafflecopter to win a Movie Tie-In Edition of the Book!

How ecstatic are you for your book The Duff to be adapted into a movie and were you involved at all with the process? Did you get to go to set? 

I’m so, so excited about the movie! I was not involved in the moviemaking process at all, but I was lucky enough to visit the set during filming. I got to meet the director and the cast, and it was so, so cool. Everyone was very kind and welcoming, and it made me even more excited for the movie.

Where did the idea of “The Duff” acronym come from? Did this idea come out of your personal experience in High School? 

I actually didn’t make up the word “Duff.”  It was a word I learned in my high school senior year.  After I learned it, I was sure I was the Duff of my group. But then, after discussing it with my friends, I realized that they thought the same about themselves.  After realizing that we all felt like the Duff, I decided to write this story.

What is your guilty pleasure? Be it Books/Movies/TV Shows, Frozen Yogurt or something else? 

I don’t really believe in guilty pleasures.  I don’t think you should feel guilty about enjoying anything, even if others don’t love it.  Like, I LOVE Grey’s Anatomy. I know it’s not as good as it once was, but I don’t feel guilty about loving it, either. 

What advice do you have for other teens that are aspiring authors? 

The best advice is the simplest – just write.  Write everything – stories, poems, diary entries – and write whenever you can. The more you write, the better you will become. 

Who would be your dream cast for some of your other books? Can it get much better than Robbie Amell?!

It doesn’t get much better than Mae Whitman or Robbie Amell. But if one of my other books was to be adapted…hmm.  Well, I’ve always, always imagined Willa Holland (Arrow) as Whitley in my book A Midsummer’s Nightmare, so that would be the ultimate dream casting.

Thank you so much Kody for indulging us! Click on the picture below to enter to win your very own Movie Tie-In Edition of The Duff!


Prynt Smartphone Case Will Epically Change the Way We Capture Moments


Friends, today I have stumbled upon one of the coolest things I have ever seen. This isn’t just some gimmicky phone case that that will boost your battery, give you a fish eye lens, or make your phone indestructible. No this is a case that will PRINT your pictures with the press of a button! I know, I know… my jaw dropped too, but I’m dead serious. The idea of the Polaroid photo has been making a comeback for awhile now, with the Fuji Instax 8 becoming a trendy thing to have, but now we have Prynt and I am so excited about it. This is Prynt:

Cool right?! They have a Kickstarter right now, that has been very successful, and I can totally understand why! My only regret about this is that I didn’t find it sooner. The case itself will cost $99.00 and then $5.00 for a 10 pack of printing paper. There were two earl bird backer options that would’ve been amazing to get it on, but they are all gone. So if you want to donate to the Kickstarter, and receive a Prynt case, you’ll have to give the full $99.00 and wait for the second shipment. And even that one is going quick! Personally I think the Prynt Flare option is the best. It’s $129.00 and you get the Prynt case, 30 sheets of paper, a mention in their Hall of Framed, and a cute Prynt T-Shirt. I’ve stumbled upon a ton of Kickstarters, and this is by far the coolest one yet. Sign me up for a blue one please!


Back it today and get your Prynt by October 2015. Find the Kickstarter HERE



Here’s a cute little video from Arrow’s Stephen Amell’s YouTube where he chats with Mae Whitman, Robbie Amell, Italia Ricci, and Cassandra Jean about the movie The DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend). They also chat about the TV series’ Chasing Life (starring Italia Ricci), Parenthood (with Mae Whitman) and some Arrow (starring Stephen Amell). The DUFF hits theaters this month on February 20th!

Check it out:

WATCH: Insurgent Grammys TV Spot

This new TV spot that was played during the Grammys tonight is epic! I particularly love the shot of Four standing in front of the factionless. March 20th needs to get here sooner. I know you’ll agree with me when I say I am DYING for this movie. I just have to keep telling myself “next month, next month, next month”.

What’s your favorite part about the new clip?